6 ideas for a creative DIY Christmas

Gry Lauridsen 30/11-2017

Christmas is here.

We have therefore made a list on how you can make your December cosy and enjoyable. Find inspiration for the best Christmas traditions with decorations, gift wrapping, markets and candies.


1. DIY Christmas Decorations



Spend a day with your family. Go and find paper, scissors, pearls, glue and other fun stuff. Cut out traditional hearts and stars or discover the endless archives of creativity and DIYs on different websites. There are lots of ideas you can get inspired by.

See, for example, Pinterest and Creativ Company or do one of these 5 ideas:


2. Make Gift Wrapping More Personal



If you choose to do your own gift wrapping, you have plenty of opportunity to put your personal touch on it. It adds a little extra under the Christmas tree - and certainly brings great pleasure to the recipient.

Here you have three links that can inspire you for a nicer and more personal wrapping:


3. Christmas Markets in Denmark



Every year there are different and cosy Christmas markets around the Danish country. Femina has brought a nice overview covering Denmark, Sweden, Germany and England. If you want to stay here in Denmark, then click below to find out where you can find crafts, home-brewed beer and much more.


4. Get to know the Danish Christmas traditions

The Danish Christmas is full of traditions, which we repeat year after year. Some are more conscious than others.

Do you know why we celebrate Sunday in Advent every Sunday until Christmas? Or why December 13 is the date of Lucia? And why do we open Christmas presents in the evening of December 24? Get to know more and learn about the Danish Christmas traditions when you visit this page.


5. Sweet Christmas Candies



Christmas is also very much about candy and sweet stuff.

It is a classic tradition to make confect with marzipan, nougat, nuts and chocolate. Try some new and other recipes and flavors. Below you find 5 ideas that are nice and easy to do:


6. Send A Christmas Greeting



Send a loved greeting to your grandmother or someone else you care about. There is nothing like receiving a real letter with a personal greeting. Especially in these digital times, where Facebook, e-mail and messages are the preferred means of communication. Make it even more personal and make your own Christmas cards.

See how others have made great Christmas cards:


Team Studiz wishes you a merry Christmas!

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