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Are you a student in need to collaborate with a company on a school project or write your final thesis? We’re happy to help!

Thesis, company- og termproject?

At team Studiz, we are always ready to help students in all aspects of their study time. This also applies to assignment writing and collaboration. We are happy to make ourselves available to all students who may want our help!


Here you can count on a professional approach, professional inputs and a real insight into how a company works! In addition to contributing to a good academic result, we implement approx. 80% of the suggestions/changes we receive from our fellow students.


This means that you get the opportunity to see your professional knowledge and ideas develop into something real and concrete.


However, this does not mean that these are the only task areas, so if you/you have other professional areas that you would like help/sparring for, please contact us!, for an conversation about what we can offer.



Areas of interest

We are flexible and always strive to create the best collaboration experience, while meeting your learning goals. The primary areas where we can help are:


Event-related assignments

We believe that you can go very far with new thinking, innovative ideas and do what no one else dares to do. Do you believe that too?

Branding and strategy

Are you passionate about seeing some of your theoretical ideas come true? We are always ready to see your creative and innovative inputs and ideas for our current status.

Web and mobile app development

If you are a shark to develop and love to optimize, then Team Studiz has several areas you could throw yourself into. Here you can get great immersion and sparring throughout the course.

Design and graphics

Perhaps you have the next big idea that shakes up everything that is familiar? Or perhaps you have the solution for moving the visual expression? No matter what, there is always room for improvement here at Team Studiz.

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