Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions - please contact us if you do not find an answer to your problem here.


Use of student discount codes



The discount code doesn't work - what do I do?


If the companies have chosen specific conditions for their student discount, these conditions will be written and visible alongside the student discount on our website and app. For example, you might find conditions such as "Does not apply to already discounted products", "Selected products/brands are excluded from the discount", "Minimum buy: 150 DKK" and more. Also, some companies need you to receive the discount code, follow the link and buy the product/servide all on the same device. Therefore, it's always a good idea to read the student discount description thoroughly.

If the above measures are taken into account and you still experience an error, please contact our support-chat.



Why can't I use the same discount code again?


Most online student discounts on Studiz require unique discount codes. When you select a student discount, a unique code is generated for you. Upon clicking on this, the code is copied to your clipboard as you are transferred to the company's website. From here you can usually just paste the copied discount code directly into the appropriate field in either the shopping cart or when entering payment details.

The following day, the system will generate a new unique code for you. The system is set up this way to protect companies against maluse and fraudulent sharing of discount codes to non-verified students.





Why do I have to verify/confirm my student status?


To gain access to your digital student card and online student discounts, will we ask you to confirm that you are in fact a student. The verification is handled in different ways depending on which educational institution you are attached. We are verifying your student status in order to make sure that the companies offering student discount will know that it is only students who have access to the discounts.



How do I confirm / verify my student status?



If your educational institutions are using WAYF, we will be using this to verify your student status. WAYF is a central database which controls that you are in your institutions own database (and have the rights for student discounts) when you are verifying your student status through WAYF, it will be required of you to enter the account information provided by your school. (username / student number and password). If you have issues finding your school you should be aware that the app is following your phone's language and therefore your school may be called something else than you had anticipated, for example Aalborg Handelsskole is named Business College Aalborg when your phone is english.



Why is my digital student card only valid until the 30th of July / 30th of January, when there is longer until my studies conclude?



We use these 2 cut off dates, in order to make sure that the student continually is a student, and to make sure that no nonstudents are able to use our services. This means that you will have to reconfirm your student status after those dates, if you still want to have access to the digital studentcard and the student discounts. But don’t worry we will sent you an email when it is time to reconfirm.



How do I change my educational institution / field of education



The changing of educational institution / field of education takes place on your profile page at www.studiz.dk. Here you will find a blue button 'Change educational institution / field of education' and by clicking it you can update your education information and institution. If your new institution is using UNI-login, it is crucial that the institution has updated the UNI-login's information to be your "primary institution". 




Picture on the digital student card



The picture on my digital student card is not like I want it to be, what do I do?



You can crop and zoom the uploaded image on your profile page. In order to avoid misuse of the service is it only possible to upload a picture once a month. If you want to change your current picture please contact us.



Use your student-ID at:



Why do I have to specify where I want to use my student-ID?


Certain shops and institutions uses functionality which activates when you specify the context of your use of the student-ID. Furthermore data are collected for the use of the discounts in order to optimize algoritmes so that we can serve you with the most popular ones, and we can negotiate more discounts within the categories that most studens find interesting.


The shop that I want to use my student-ID in is not on the list, what do I do?


You can type in the name of the shop where you want to activate your student-ID in the search field and tip us about the place so that we can add it to the list and your follow students can benefit from it as well. The student-ID will afterwards be activate in the shop you entered.


I do not want to specify a shop - I just want to see my student-ID, what do I do?


You can find your institution at the list and you can always select this, if you do not want to specify a shop or you can't find it on the list.






After my birthdate I see a parenthese with "not valideret" on my student-ID. Why is this?


As your student-ID may be used as ID we need a full data-cooperation with your institution in order for us to validate your birthdate. In case we do not have such a cooperation we are compelled to add info about this.





I don't receive any mails from Studiz, eg. when I request a new password?



Add info@studiz.dk to your contacts in your mail program. This way Studiz mails will reach you and not get caught by spamfilters etc.



How do I subscribe/un-subscribe to newsletters?



At your profile page you can find a button, where you can subscribe and un-subscribe as well as select the categories you are interested in.



Search function


The search function is built based on specific search words, it can therefore be necessary for you to reformulate your search or find a synonym Fx. food instead of dining.


Why do I also get results from Aarhus when I have chosen Copenhagen as my city?



Our system is based on the post number/postal code you have entered in your profile. And will sort companies with the nearest first – if there are no companies in your city with the chosen search word will the nearest company possibly be in another city. In case you are not logged in the system will be based on the entirety of Denmark.



Why are the online discounts listed before the local discounts?



The thought is that the App will primarily be used for the Local discounts and the webpage for the online discounts. That is why the online discounts are listed first on our webpage but will be listed last on our app.


No longer student?



I am no longer a student, hence I would like my profile to be deleted. What do I do?



In order to avoid misuse of the service you are not able to delete your profile by yourself. If you want your profile deleted, please write an email to info@studiz.dk

If you will start studies again later, you can just leave your profile for later use.

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