Join us and make student life cheaper


Who are we?

Studiz is a free, digital service by students - for students. We’ve gathered your student discounts in one place, so you can quickly and easily see which brands and stores are student-friendly. You can also get a verified, digital student-ID in the Studiz app to make sure that you never miss out on any student discounts, because you forgot the old, worn-out plastic card in your school bag or in the wrong jacket. In addition, we have developed a large range of ​​user-friendly, cost-saving functions for party committees, student associations and schools. Quite simply, Studiz was created to make your and your fellow students' lives cheaper, simpler and more fun.

Our values

Our daily working principle is HardFun. This means that when we work, we work hard, concentrated and efficiently, but at the same time it is crucial that we have fun while we work. Therefore, we allow each other to figure out what we are motivated by in our work.



At Studiz, it is crucial that you have great drive and can function in a working environment where you are responsible for your daily activities. We believe in each other, and try not to delegate tasks or set limits for each other.


At Studiz, we give each other room to develop personally and professionally. We believe that there is a healthy balance in our development and that through sparring with each other, we can maintain a positive approach in all aspects, challenges and opportunities that may arise.


At Studiz, we celebrate creativity and the innovative angle. It also means that you get the opportunity to work in a company where all your ideas can become reality. We strongly believe that you learn from both bad and good results. That's why you don't have to be nervous about expressing your views and opinions at Team Studiz.
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